Jojo no Kimyou na Bouken (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure) is a fighting game developed by Capcom based on Hirohiko Araki’s manga of the same title. This game contains a PocketStation game known as JojoPoke.

You will embark on a journey to defeat Dio, which will take you from Japan all the way to Egypt. Along the way you will be attacked by enemies dozens of times. In Egypt, will you be able to best the menacing Dio?

Your journey will advance over time. When an enemy attacks, you will battle through a minigame.

(You could be attacked at any time).

Whenever you gain victory in a mini game you will move forwards in your journey. Should you face defeat, however, it’s game over.

When your adventures are successful, you can view the enemies you have defeated in the “Tire Tracks” screen.

Minigame 1: India’s Arm

L/R arrows: Move Kakyoin left and right
Action button: Extend arm
L/R/Up/Down arrows: Control the direction of the arm.

Collect the emeralds with your stand’s extendable arm!
Increase your score by collecting the emeralds in the order of the numbers!

If your arm touches a wall or an obstacle you fail.
If you fail 3 times it’s game over.

Minigame 2: Flip the Tarot Cards!

Memorize the order in which the tarot cards can be flipped!

Press the corresponding buttons in the correct order, and push your limits.

If you fail it’s game over.

Minigame 3: Speed!

Up/Down arrows: Move the cursor up and down.
Action Button: Catch the enemy’s stand!!

Your enemy’s stand will fly at you at great speed. Line up your cursor and catch it!

You clear the stage by capturing your assigned quota!

Miss 3 times and it’s game over.

Minigame 4: Search for the coffee flavor!

L/R arrows: Gum selection
Action button: Lock in choice

Out of the fast shuffling gum, guess which one is the coffee flavor gum!!

Clear the stage by guessing correct enough times! If you’re wrong 3 times it’s game over.

Minigame 5: Bravo!

R Arrow + Action button: Stab right
L Arrow: Stab left

Stab the falling coins as they fall! Time your stabs well to get a special bonus!

Miss 6 times and it’s game over.

Minigame 6: Run Joseph!

Arrows: Joseph’s movement
Action button: Jump

Escape the town, avoiding the obstacles! Dodge anything that gets in your way by jumping!!

You can attack the dogs and barrels by jumping on them.

Fail 3 times and it’s game over.